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What Does a Loft Conversion Cost in London?


Thinking of getting a loft conversion in London but are unsure of the price? The cost loft conversion in London depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of property, roof style, budget, type of loft conversion, and various fees that may be required.

Therefore, the price of a London loft conversion can vary a fair amount from each property! Regardless of the cost, a loft conversion is usually a great investment for a property, providing additional space that can add as much as 20% of value to the property.

What is the Average Cost of a Loft Conversion in London?

As mentioned, each loft conversion is very different so the price varies from each project, yet there is a general average for the cost. For example, the average cost of a loft conversion in the UK is between £30,00- £50,000.

Now, this may seem a daunting investment but remember, it adds a lot of value to property so may end up paying for itself if you ever sell. Plus, there is no reason that your London loft conversion needs to cost anywhere as much as this, as there are several factors that can drive the cost of thee conversion up.

Average Cost of Basic Loft Conversions

As you’d expect, getting a simple loft conversion in London will reduce the cost of the project, making it much lower than the average fee of around £30,000-£50,000. For instance, a roof light conversion costs an average of £15,000 because it only involves strengthening floors, adding skylights, and inserting insulation and a stairway.

The conversion is much simpler as no new walls or sections of roofing are required, meaning the work is less extensive so generally much cheaper. You’ll need a loft that is already suitable in terms of space and size but just needs windows, stairs, and a few finishing touches.

Average Cost of Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft extensions are generally very popular in London. They offer a nice balance of affordability while adding new space to the loft, although the larger the dormer conversion the more it is likely to cost.

For instance, a single or side Dorma costs an average of around £20,000, making it not much costlier than a basic loft convers, expect with additional space provided. However, larger Dormer conversion, such as an L-shaped or full width Dorma conversion, start at around £30,000 upwards.

Average Cost of a Hip to Gable Conversion

The cost of a hip to gable is quite varied, starting at around £30,000 and reaching upwards of £45,000 depending on the extent of the work.

Average Cost of a Mansard Conversion

Easily the most expensive type of loft conversion, a mansard loft conversion typically cost between £35,000 and £45,000. The higher cost is because the roof structure needs extensive changes, increasing the labour cost and the need to pay an experienced designer or architect.

The cost also rises depending on the size of the conversion and what you want added to it.For instance, a basic room will be on the lower end of the average while something such a master bedroom with en suite bathroom will be close to £45,000.

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