3 Things That Your Local Roofing Company Will Check When On Your Roof.


It is one of the most neglected things in the UK and many homes only address problems after they arise when they could have been so easily avoided. Regular maintenance and checks are needed to make sure that the roof of your home or business stays strong and is still on top of your building 40-50 years from now. A lot can happen up there over the course of a year and if your area has experienced a particularly strong storm, then it is always a good idea to have your roof checked for holes and cracks.

There are a few highly recommended roofing companies in Southhampton that are more than happy to do the work for you and when they come out, they will check for the following things.

  1. After a storm, roof tiles and slates tend to come loose and you will hear them rattling up there. Your local roofing company will put them back into place and replace them if needed.
  2. The guttering, fascia and soffit all help to protect your roof and the brackets and screws that hold these can rust and come loose. Your roofer will check these and tighten if needed.
  3. The guttering gets regularly clogged up with leaves and other things and this stops the water draining effectively away from your property. The roofer will clean these out and check your guttering as well.

It’s all about regular maintenance when it comes to your roof and if you get it checked at least once a year, then it will last a long time.









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