5 Must-Have Home Modifications for Aging Seniors


Description: As you age, your home can become a dangerous place, but many home modifications for elderly can help you stay safe.

Slide one: As we get older, it gets easier to get hurt in everyday situations. The good news is that home modifications can lessen the chance of injuries. You’ll find solutions for your bathtubs, shows, toilets, threshold, stairs and even floors. Fight back against injury by installing modifications in your home today.

Slide two: Bathroom safety

Several modifications that can be done to make your bathroom a safer place. Add a raised toilet seat to your toilet so you can get up with ease. Bathtubs can be a dangerous, so replace your bathtub with a wheelchair-accessible stand-up shower. Install grab bars in the shower to have a secure device to hold on to when you feel unstable. 

Slide three: Threshold

Forgetting that elevated areas in your flooring, such as thresholds, exist when you get older is easy to do. These areas can lead to accidental falls and trips. Thresholds can be modified to become even with the rest of your flooring or sloped to be more wheelchair accessible. If you don’t want to permanently modify your threshold, install removable ramps. 

Slide four: Stairs and home mobility

Stairs are dangerous no matter how old you are. Consider installing a stair lift or a glide. This way you can just have a seat, and the mechanism will keep you safe. Installing extra rails in the home is another good idea. Having two handrails to hold on to is always better than one.

Slide five: Floors

With home flooring, you might slip and fall, no matter the style. Even your throw rugs can become dangerous if they don’t have a rubber backing on them. Flooring options can make your floors safer, such as like peel-and-stick traction slips that can alleviate falls. 

Slide six: Lighting

Older homes tend to have lower lighting. Light fixtures that can be upgraded to LED lighting can help brighten the room and eliminate trips and falls. Having accessible light switches can help greatly, especially in large living spaces where you have to walk across the room to turn on the light. 

Final slide: As the years go by, your home becomes the place where you spend most of your time. Adding slight modifications to your home doesn’t always cost a lot of money and usually don’t mean you leave your house during installation. Don’t hesitate to have modifications done to your home to make it a safer, more accessible place to live.

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