Kitchen Remodelling: 6 Things To Know Before Your Go


So, a day came along when you thought, “I want to do a remodel, but which room?” and the answer was obvious: the kitchen! The kitchen is the most popular renovation because it has to be optimised to suit our cooking and lifestyle needs. If not, it can easily be the most frustrating room in the home, even more so than a bathroom the size of a storage cabinet!

But you have to make some important considerations before you start knocking away at the cabinetry. This is because, like all renovations, this space has a number of budgetary and design requirements that you should meet to suit your lifestyle needs.

From elegant appliances like brass drawer handles to practical aspects like your budget, let’s take a look at six imperative considerations when undertaking your stunning renovation:


This is a space that can wildly fluctuate when it comes to your budget. A few small changes can be as cheap as you like whereas a full remodel will easily cost you in the tens of thousands (but we already know this!). In terms of a larger remodel, you have to consider the cost of tradies like cabinetmakers, electricians and plumbers whilst considering the materials they need to work.

The general rule is to invest anywhere from 5% to 15% of your home’s overall value. This is because spending anything less than 5% won’t return any major outcomes whilst surpassing 15% could outweigh the balance of your kitchen’s value with the rest of the home!

Start by considering exactly what it is you want out of your remodel before factoring in how this will work expenses.


Why do you want to remodel the space? Are you a legendary entertainer without the space to create the party? Or, do you need a more functional space for feeding a growing family? It’s important to create a theme for your remodel so you can filter your idea through your budget.


What appliances are going to amplify your cooking game? Is there something you always wish you had when cooking that could be installed in this exciting remodel? If so, treat yourself! You likely won’t find another time where remodelling is part of your daily thought process, so make it worthwhile and pick up the appliances you want for your cooking enjoyment!

Features like new cooking appliances and elegant touches like brass drawer handles are perfect for luxurious makeovers.

Do you need an interior designer?

You can always hire an interior designer if remodelling isn’t your strongest attribute. They can help you turn your awesome ideas into a stunning reality. However, this might be a service for people who have bigger ideas and more to spend as it can be quite expensive to enlist an interior designer!


It’s important to be realistic about the time it will take to remodel your space. Unfortunately, many contractors throughout Australia are incredibly busy, and you might have to wait for them to finish up their current work before they can start on your home. We know this takes away some of the excitement, but it’s the joy that comes from having a beautiful and fully-functional new space that is more important than the excitement of its anticipation!

Don’t skip on costs

Cheap is cheap and this couldn’t be more true of kitchen appliances. They can be a wild disappointment; a shoddy imitation of what a good household appliance is meant to be and it only leaves you paying more for better products in the long run.

So, be sure not to cut costs. If you see something that looks high quality for a good price (but not too cheap) be sure to pick it up for your space!

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