Want A Perfect Kitchen Design? Here Are 5 Steps for an Ideal Cabinet Décor


Not knowing what you want to do when you are renovating your kitchen can be really confusing and frustrating as there are way too many options available. Be it counter tops, or flooring, or cabinets – it is an overwhelming decision to make. For those of you who are in a similar predicament, slow down and take a deep breath.

 Here are 5 steps that you need to follow to complement your kitchen decor with an ideal cabinetry-counter top combination and all other sections.

  • Budget

Knowing exactly what capital you have to work with will help narrow the field, so to speak. Of course, you need to factor in every relevant element including materials and construction costs. Ideally, you will be able to find a combination of cabinet-counter top that is not only super functional but also fits your budget that you would like to adopt.

  • Types of cabinet constructions

Framed Cabinets – These are mostly used in traditional and American style kitchens and featuring a one and a half-inch frame (called a “face”) on the cabinet box that the doors hinge onto.

Frame less Cabinets –The frame is hidden, a feature that makes for more complete access to the inside, where the door is actually hinged.

Want A Perfect Kitchen Design Here Are 5 Steps for an Ideal Cabinet Decor

  • Varieties in Terms of Customization 

There are three varieties: stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are discount kitchen cabinets that come in set sizes and configurations. Semi-custom cabinets are offered in general styles, which allow some customization to the finishes and sizes. Custom cabinets are built to your specs. And accordingly you can expect a hefty cost to accompany such perfection.

  • Variety of Style

Now, you have to decide upon the design of your kitchen cabinetry. Always go for the one that not only looks good but is also sturdy and extremely functional. Opting for White Kitchen Cabinets can be a good choice if you want to uphold the pristine quality of your kitchen. A white kitchen is a symbol of serenity and prosperity that combines beauty and peacefulness, thus making your kitchen unique in their own special way. Or you can go for cherry wood kitchen cabinets. The color cherry gives your kitchen an old-world charm, turning it into a masterpiece of magnificence. These styles will certainly assist you grab the attention of your guests. 

Opt for a white kitchen design and add more to it with antique-white kitchen. Or, you can choose vintage white cabinets to have a look that contrasts with the rest of the elements in your dark shade kitchen interiors. 

Increase the functionality, durability and smartness of your kitchen with our all-white cabinetry. Made using premium quality material, kitchen cabinets are tough and are less likely to get damaged. With their European style dovetailed drawers and adjustable hinges; these cabinets are available in every size and dimension you want so that regardless of the type of kitchen you own, your cabinetry can adorn your home in the most fascinating manner possible.

  • Counter tops

Finally, you will have to choose your kitchen counter tops that go the best with your cabinets. You should be able to recognize it and get an idea because ultimately it is the combination that is most appealing to you that should win your approval.

For many people, granite serves as the primary choice of material. However, there are other options for your consideration. You can use marble, a great granite substitute, though more prone to scratches or staining. Quartz is quite durable and does not require much maintenance. Dorian is a popular solid surface but is also prone to scratching. Stainless Steel is perhaps ideal for the serious kitchen while granite does, in fact, still reign as the king of them all. Minimal upkeep, reasonable price, and unmatched beauty make it the surface of choice.

An ideal kitchen design comprises of the perfect combination of cabinets and counter tops among all others. A combination of this kind not only looks good but also adds to your overall appeal of the kitchen design.

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