Moving Checklist: Everything You Need to Know


Are you planning a residential or commercial move? Most people move after home improvement projects or office upgrades that incorporate the desired aspects in the property. Well, once all is done, it’s now time to plan your move, and there are various tasks involved. Moving involves cleaning your new place, planning for utilities, packing using proper supplies,  getting quotes from professional movers, etc.  You should do this in advance, and having a checklist helps you stay on top of the game.  Here are important things to do before your move;

1. Sort and declutter

Sort out your items and determine what to move and what to leave behind. You might realize that you have so much that you don’t use, and maybe it’s time to get rid of it. Remember the amount of items determines the moving costs, and it’s wise or reduce your load.  Therefore, set a separate box and put in all you don’t need, you can donate or sell the items.

2. Research professional movers and get quotes

Moving with professional movers will minimize breakage and save time, thus improving your moving experience. However, you should look for a reputable mover company early, and compare quotes from different providers.

Get estimates, check what is provided, also schedule the moving date in advance especially when moving during peak seasons.  Most people prefer moving over the holidays and weekends, and the Lawrence Moving team advises clients to schedule their moves early.

3. Budget right!

Moving involves various expenses, so budget for all the costs involved. You will need to purchase high-quality packing materials, hire a mover truck or van, and pay the movers.  You may also need to pay for packing if the movers don’t offer the services, pay for utilities, and more. Budget for all this, and ensure you have money to cater to all expenses. Also, set a budget for unexpected expenses just in case you might need the cash.

4. Maintain proper records/ use a binder

Use a binder to keep all your documents and records. These will include receipts, quotes, and an inventory of all your items. Keep these safe, for you will need them for the move. You may also have other vital documents such as school records for your kids. You will need to transfer your kids details in their new schools.

5. Change address and inform concerned parties

Visit the local post office and fill out a form to change your old address. Also, notify other important parties of your move, these include your bank, insurance company, credit card providers, magazine subscriptions, etc.

6. Set up utilities

You don’t want to move to a home without electricity, water, or internet. Plan for everything in your new place and ensure all is connected. Visit the local internet provider in your new place and ensure your internet is set up before the moving day.

In summary, moving requires adequate planning, and it’s advisable to avoid the last-minute rush. Contact a professional movers in your state, and get the required help for the move. Also, have a to-do list and include all tasks as per their importance. Staying organized helps save time, and avoid the stress associated with moving.

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