Get a CCTV camera with countless placement options – the Sticky Cam


Safety and security are always the priority for house owners. You would never want anyone to breach into your home and become a victim of burglary or any other crime. That’s why the craze for security cameras has increased tenfold in the last couple of years. At present, you can find markets filled with numerous types of wireless security cameras that offer you decent services. From normal wireless cameras to smart CCTV cameras, you have innumerable options to go with. These CCTV cameras are not only helpful in keeping your house safe and secure, but also allow you to keep a tab on all the happenings inside your house. So, how about getting a home surveillance camera for yourself?

The Airtel Sticky Cam makes for the best choice if you are looking for indoor smart wireless cameras. Let’s move ahead and learn in detail about the benefits of using a wireless camera, Airtel Xsafe Sticky Cam, and more.

Benefits of using a wireless camera for house security

There are numerous significant benefits of using a wireless camera for house security. Of course, it protects and secures your house from all kinds of theft or burglary as no thief would want to show up on a camera and get caught. The smart alarm system of these cameras always keeps the criminals away. With the help of these cameras, you can also monitor your house and get to know whatever is going on in your home while you are away. This definitely brings you a sense of safety, thereby, providing peaceful nights without any worries.

In case of a crime, these wireless cameras for house security can be useful in providing evidence and helpful in police investigation. If you have kids and elderly people at home, you can also keep a tab on their activities using these indoor wireless CCTV cameras.

About the Airtel Sticky Cam

Make your home safer than ever with the Airtel Sticky Cam powered by artificial intelligence and providing a world-class experience. Be ready to enjoy monitoring every corner of your house. With a beautiful flexible design, this wireless safety camera has a wide-angle lens and hence, is able to keep an eye on anything. With countless placement options and a magnetic base, it becomes extremely easy for you to install it anywhere in your house without any drills, whether it is your shaded lawn, corridor, or any room.

Get it and enjoy great features such as full HD video recording, person detection, two-way talk, and motion detection. As it boasts of its featherweight, it is quite easy to handle. The Sticky Cam also provides you with night vision cameras of up to 12 metres with a wide lens of 130 degrees.

It’s time to experience real-time high-quality videos and images of your house with the help of your smartphone. The camera comes with a built-in microphone and speaker and hence, it allows you to speak to the other person on the camera. As it has an advanced H.265 compression, you also need not worry about storage space and heavy internet usage.

Technical Features of Airtel Sticky Cam

  • Self-adaptive shutter, 3D DNR
  • Micro SD card (max up to 256 GB)
  • 1080p video recording
  • Live View and Night Vision up to 12 metres
  • 8x digital zoom, customizable motion zones
  • Motion detection and person detection
  • Max 20 fps frame rate

So, now you know how beneficial the sticky camera can be for your home.

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