A Guide to Installing LED Strip Lighting


If you have yet to make the switch to LED lighting at home, you are likely to be in the minority, as there are many benefits to be enjoyed with light emitting diodes. Aside from the extra control by using an LED control box, you can also buy LED strips with adhesive backing, and they can put in a range of unique locations to give your interior or exterior and warm and inviting glow. They are fully waterproof and can literally be cut to size, making for very simple fixing, and as they run on 12-volt DC current, you will need an AC/DC converter, which can be obtained at the affordable lighting suppliers in Sutton, where you can view a great range of LED lighting for every setting.

Low Input- High Output

LED lighting is very energy efficient and by changing all your light bulbs to LED units, you will be saving a little on your energy use. The initial cost is nothing when compared to the ongoing savings you will make month after month, and such is the range of colours and effects, you can literally transform the ambience.

Clean the Surfaces

Before removing the adhesive backing, make sure the surface that you are fixing the strip to, is very clean, which will help to create a firm bond, and by tucking away the thin cable, nothing will be seen. Locations that can be used include:

  • Under window ledges
  • Under kitchen cabinets
  • Around mirrors

LED strips can adorn trees and bushes, bringing a touch of mystery to the garden, and the range of colours allows for some creativity.

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