All about Double Glazed Windows and Why You Should Have Them in Your Home


Windows are much more important than we tend to give them credit for; of course, we know we wouldn’t want to go without them, but we often don’t put enough thought into the type of windows we have and the qualities and benefits of different windows that we might place in our home. Believe it or not, there are many kinds of windows that provide benefits past just aesthetic appeal or a good view. Some types of windows may increase energy efficiency inside your home or help keep things cooler and more comfortable inside. Double glazed windows, in particular, are very popular and provide many benefits that could improve the quality of your home. The Planning Portal has all the regulations.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazing windows in Huddersfield means that a window is made with two panes of glass. These windows are a type of Insulated Glass Unit (IGU), and they work by using multiple panes of glass to create a single window unit. Although double glazed windows are the most popular type of Insulated Glass Unit, triple glazed windows, which are made with three panes of glass, have also been growing in popularity lately. Each pane of glass in the window is separated by a spacer and an empty layer of still air or gas; in a double glazed window, there would be one of these layers, and, in a triple glazed window, there would be two of these layers.

The Benefits of Installing Double Glazed Windows in Your Home

Double glazed windows provide many benefits to the home, but they are primarily useful for energy efficiency and minimising noise that may come in from the outside. The added insulation comes from the layer of still air between the panes. This added insulation is also beneficial in the winter months, as it keeps heat from escaping your home, and, in the summer, it helps prevent the outside heat from entering your home. This helps keep energy costs down by minimising the need for air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Other than the excellent insulation provided by the double glazed window, there are also many other benefits to consider, such as the following:

  • Double glazed windows help reduce condensation, which can prevent mould from growing around your windows.
  • Double glazed windows are a lot harder to break, thanks to there being two panes of glass, which adds an extra layer of safety to your home.
  • The benefits provided by double glazed windows can increase the selling value of your home, making it more appealing to buyers if you ever decide to put your house on the market.
  • Double glazed windows can also help reduce fading on things inside your home such as drapes, carpets, and furniture.

Choosing the Best Double Glazed Windows

When you’re searching for double glazed windows to install inside your home, there are a couple of factors to look for that will help you find the best options. The amount of space between each pane is recommended to be at least 12mm to ensure decent thermal insulation. For additional thermal and sound insulation, you should go with windows that have argon gas in the still empty layer. Finally, there are also different types of glass that may be better for thermal or sound insulation, depending on which you would prefer more.

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