All You Need To Know To Plan Your Roof Painting Project


Home maintenance is a multidimensional project. You have to make sure to keep a lookout for every part of the home. While there is no part that is unilaterally more important than the other, however, the structural integrity of the house is based majorly on the foundation and the roof. Roof painting is the most common way to keep a check on your roof’s periodical maintenance. Painting the roof can help with the aesthetics of your home decor while also increasing the longevity of your roof’s health. Here is a list of tips to help you plan your roof-painting project, whenever you decide to put it into action.

Choose the paint according to the roof type

It all starts with paint selection. Every roof type needs a specific type of paint that can best mould to the roof material and increase the durability of the roof while protecting it from the elements.

Choose the correct primer

Whether you are painting with water-soluble paints or oil-soluble paints, the longevity of the paint will depend largely on the way the roof is prepped before the painting is started. Metallic roofs need to be primed with degreaser to make sure that the paint sticks properly to the roof surface. For corrugated or old roof surfaces, you will need to clean the roof surface diligently before it can be primed for the painting.

Choose the right method

The type of roof texture will be the deciding factor when you are choosing the method of painting for your project. Spray painting is best for sheet metal roofs; however, always spray the paint in the corresponding direction of the iron flutes. Roller painting is most common when painting a corrugated roof surface since the rollers are more closely shaped according to the texture of the corrugated iron.

Choose the correct professional service

Roof painting needs proper tools to access every part of the roof safely. You will also need experienced professionals who are versed in choosing the correct paint type according to the roof material and painting in the correct technique for maximum advantage. Choosing high-quality professionals for roof painting Newcastle can help alleviate any issues that are common for DIY roof painting projects when handled by amateurs.

Apart from this, you can also insist on specialised treatments for your roof painting when you opt for a professional service to help with your project.

If your budget allows for it, always opt for heat resistant roof paint to help increase the durability of your roof. This is especially important for areas with dry and hot weather for most of the year. You can also ask for UV resistant paint, which further help protect the colour of the paint for a longer duration making sure your home looks fabulous while protecting the integrity of your roof. Make sure to undertake your roof-painting project at the right time of the year to avoid sudden spells of bad weather to interfere with the project before it is finished.

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