Block Paving: Simply the Best Driveway Solution


If your driveway is looking a little jaded, before you call the local tarmac company for a resurface, consider the many benefits that block paving offers the UK homeowner. You may well have seen a few block paving driveways, as there is a quality block paving company in Leatherhead who has created some stunning examples, and the good news is that a block paving driveway requires no maintenance, and here’s the good part, the driveway will last for many years!

Stunning Colours & Designs

Block paving offers you the chance to create a driveway that turns heads, with rich colours and amazing patterns that can be created by the professional installers. A Google image search will bring up some fine examples of just what can be achieved with block paving, and by discussing the many choices with the supplier, you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Block Paving

Block paving offers the following benefits:

  • Durable and very hardwearing
  • Allows water to drain
  • Can be installed on any substrate
  • Weed resistant
  • Non-slip surface

The paving will even stand up to heavy vehicles, so that motorhome will not cause any problems, and with stylish edging stones in place, your driveway will become a feature of the property.

No Maintenance

If you want to bring up the driveway to its original state, a power washer and a couple of hours will see the job done, and you only need to do that every couple of years, which will remove ground in dirt and grime, as well as any oil patches.

Talk to a block paving company today and prepare to be amazed!!

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