What to Look for in a Bi-Folding Door Manufacturer


Is it time for your old patio door to be replaced? Are you looking for some new doors to your balcony? Are your old fashioned glass sliding doors draughty? These days, bi-folding doors are all the rage with builders and architects. They not only modernise your home, but make it far more stylish, practical and energy efficient. Bi-folding doors can be manufactured in a large variety of styles, colours and configurations by expert bi-folding door manufacturers in Leeds. When selecting a company to manufacture your doors, here are some things to look for.

  • Building Regulations-It doesn’t make any sense to have doors made that will not satisfy regulations. An expert manufacturer will provide you with a custom product that meets or exceed government standards.
  • Technology – The company should use state of the art techniques and materials to provide you with the finest doors that are built to exacting specifications. They should be thermally efficient and have a long-term multi-year guarantee.
  • Customer Satisfaction – The manufacturer of your bi-folding doors should have a stellar reputation for quality, professionalism and efficiency with their customers. Look for a manufacturer that supplies products, not just to individual customers, but is also the supplier for large commercial and residential projects.
  • Buy British – Need we say more? Using a company based right here in the UK that employs our experienced and able British craftsman is far better than having your doors made in some offshore shop.

When it’s time for you to replace that old door, call your expert manufacturer of new, state of the art bi-folding doors.

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