Analysing Property Values in the UK and How to Capitalise on the Forthcoming Trends


According to some surprising recent figures reported by the UK’s most prominent mortgage lender, our nation’s housing prices are finally on the rise. After years of lacklustre growth and decreasing homeownership rates, we are set to experience a 4% to 7% increase with regard to property values during the next 12 months.

This encouraging financial climate presents the perfect chance for homeowners to maximise their ROI on any type of renovation or refurbishment.

What Are the Most Impactful Options at My Disposal?

If you reach out to one of the expert building services in Frome, you’ll gain access to an extensive selection of customisable home improvement projects that have been proven to add thousands of pounds to your property’s valuation:

  • Modernising your kitchen cabinetry, countertops, tiling, and other architectural aspects
  • Equipping your bathrooms with opulent fixtures, bespoke lighting implements, heated floors, and alternative features
  • Expanding the square metres of your property by constructing a tertiary bedroom, enclosed conservatory, extra den, or unique function space
  • Transforming your loft, attic, or cellar into a practical living area

Your Local Builders Will Take Care of the Entire Project from Top to Bottom

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to renovate a stately manor, commercial shop, or modest residential property, your neighbourhood renovation experts can handle everything from start to finish:

  • Provide a tailored, precise quotation for the specific endeavour
  • Obtain all building permissions
  • Create personalised design plans
  • Source all of the required materials
  • Facilitate all of the required groundwork, plumbing, plastering, fitting, decorating, and electrical tasks
  • Any additional maintenance, repairs, or upkeep after the initial build

So take a moment to visit the homepage of your local building firm to peruse through their gallery of past developments and to open up a dialogue with a friendly in-house expert.

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