Commercial Painting Services Can Transform the Looks of Your Business


It can be expensive to make upgrades or improvements on a commercial property. Therefore, it pays—literally—to find ways to keep your expenses low. One of the ways to do this is by taking advantage of commercial painting services. By taking this approach, you will have more flexibility – the type of flexibility that is needed when you oversee a busy office or commercial space.

Before you make any improvements, you need to set an appointment and speak to a commercial painter in Perth. Make sure the contractor you choose offers a full range of services – that he is committed to doing a job that is as professional as it is first-rate.

Interior and Exterior Applications

You also want to choose a painter that handles both exterior and interior applications – someone who can work around your daily schedule and can complete painting jobs during the weekend or after hours. Look for someone who can provide commercial painting that includes the following:

  • Textured and specialised coatings.
  • Anti-graffiti coatings for outside walls or cement block fences.
  • Regular painting maintenance programmes or repainting services.
  • Painting for renovations
  • Painting during plant or office shutdowns or after-hour services.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

Maybe you are a home builder or an owner of several commercial properties. If so, you want to make sure you use a painting service that stays one step ahead of its competition. Make sure the painting contractor has a professional endorsement or is a member of an organisation, such as the Master Painters Association. Companies that are part of this organisation are devoted to providing the highest level of painting performance. They feature a number of multi-modal painting methods as well.

Types of applications include the following:

  • Brush painting
  • Roller painting
  • Painting with an airless spray gun

Planning the Right Solution

Choosing the right commercial painting contractor also includes selecting a business that will assist you in planning just the right painting solution – a solution that entails making the appropriate choices in finishes, colours, and paint products.

Before you obtain a quote for commercial painting work, review your premises. Take a careful audit of your exterior walls and fencing. Next, consider any areas that have been marred by graffiti or similar markings. Take a look at the trim and doors of your building. Sometimes, you can cut down on painting expenses by painting just the trims and doors.

A commercial business that is committed to quality and safety also features a safe work process, including the use of scaffolding, safety barriers, and ladders. Make sure you choose a contractor who will cause minimal disruption to your daily operations. Quotes are free. Therefore, you can further short-list your choices when you receive estimates for your painting projects.

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