Golden Rules of Bathroom Design


There are many types of modern bathroom designs you can choose for your home interiors. They differ from each other in terms of many aspects, like shape, size, design, colour, etc. You can consider any bathroom decor idea for your home. Irrespective of your preferences, there are a few golden rules followed during designing all bathrooms. These rules help to make the bathroom design appealing and functional. If you are not aware of them, here are they:

01 of 05 Avoid overcrowding with too many items

There are lots of features available for a bathroom. You cannot go and install everything just because you have the budget for it. According to experts, you must always take the size of your bathroom into consideration before adding all the elements. Once you have a clear understanding of the space available in your bathroom, you can understand the number of features you can fit in there.

Some people make the mistake of squeezing a little too many things in the bathroom to make it more functional. Although it may seem like a great bathroom decor idea, it can actually cause a lot of trouble for you. You might find moving inside your bathroom freely a little difficult when there is very little free space. Also, too many items in a small space will create visual clutter and make your bathroom design appear small and cluttered.

If you have a small bathroom design, do not try to overcompensate it by adding too many elements. Instead, stick to the materials only that will fit in your bathroom seamlessly.

02 of 05 Create sufficient storage space

You can never ignore the importance of storage in your bathroom. Just like a kitchen, a bathroom requires plenty of storage so that you can store all your bathroom essentials in one place. Otherwise, you will have to go out of the bathroom repeatedly to fetch them. This can make using your bathroom very inconvenient. Besides cabinets and drawers, you can find plenty of storage options for your bathroom that will make use of space efficiently and allow you to keep all your materials organised. Various stylish options are available as well that will elevate the appearance of your bathroom design.

03 of 05 Functionality is always the top priority

When most people look for the ideal bathroom design, they think about the appearance of the bathroom. Although it is a crucial part, design should never be your first priority. Instead, you should focus on functionality first. A functional bathroom will help to ensure that you can use it properly. You can easily make your bathroom functional by paying attention to a few small factors. One of them is easy maintenance. You should be able to clean the bathroom easily. Moreover, every corner should be well-lit so that you can see clearly. All the items should be easily accessible and well-functioning as well.

04 of 05 Always ensure that natural light can enter

As mentioned earlier, you should always ensure that your bathroom is well-lit. It will make your bathroom design more functional and appealing. However, this does not mean you will have to focus on lighting fixtures only. Besides artificial light, you will require natural light as well for your bathroom design. Natural light makes your bathroom more inviting and gives it an appealing look. You can easily introduce natural light inside your bathroom by keeping a large window open. If you do not have a large window, install a mirror in front of the window strategically so that it reflects light and makes the interiors brighter. If possible, you can install a skylight. Besides allowing sufficient light to enter, a skylight will add a luxurious feel to your bathroom design. Also, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sky while showering.

05 of 05 Focus on artificial light

Once you have solved the problem of natural light, you will have to focus on artificial lighting as well. Artificial lighting is crucial to ensure your small bathroom idea stays perfectly lit up when natural light is not available. Do not install only one task light in your bathroom. Instead, you should opt for layered lighting. Layered lighting involves installing different lighting types, task lights, ambient lights, and accent lights, together in your home interiors. This helps to perfectly illuminate the space. While the task light allows you to perform all your tasks, ambient light sets the mood, and accent light highlights the features. You will get plenty of options for all three types. Make sure that you choose the right size of fixtures before buying.

There are great artificial lighting ideas you can choose for your bathroom design. For instance, you can opt for concealed lighting to give a floating feel to your vanity. Cove lighting on the ceiling is a popular idea as well. Stylish statement pieces like a pendant light can be hung in front of the vanity. Also, always install a diffuser so that you can control the brightness level.

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