Home Renovations Are Now More in Demand Than Ever: Here’s How to Contract a Project on a Budget


The mean age of a first-time mortgage applicant in the UK is 30.4 years, and the aggregate number of first-steppers is currently clocking in at a 10-year highpoint.

However, this ever-expanding demographic can be labelled as “house poor,” a pigeonhole that characterises a shortage of disposable income due to mounting monthly mortgage payments. But, at the same time, applications for home makeovers are also at a 10-year summit, which is why being able to renovate on a budget is ostensibly imperative nowadays.

Your Route to an Affordable Overhaul

Whether you’d like to glamorise a dated kitchen, spiff up an old-fashioned lavatory, or bedeck a passé conservatory, there are some unprinted policies that you should take after:

  • Create a spending matrix before you pencil in any consultations. If you have £5,000 ready to go, your matrix should begin at £3,000 and remain cemented unless your local builder truly wows you with value.
  • You do not need an architect, designer, or draughtsman. The most affordable building services in Bristol have in-house design aces that can procure industry-leading blueprints and normalise construction consents for you.
  • Don’t give the nod to anything during your first consultation session. Ask the contractor to give you an enumerated quote for the requisite materials so that you can cross check the price points with a local merchant. Oftentimes, it’s more frugal to procure the materials yourself and then pay for the labour separately.

Now you have to affirm that you’re appointing the right company to recondition your residence.

The Stamp of a Reputable Building Service

To dodge the nuisance of dealing with an unwieldy web of contractors and subcontractors, you have to confirm that your builder is an NICEIC contractor and domestic installer, in addition to being Gas Safe Registered.

All of the plastering, carpentry, tiling, electrics, and decorative work will be directed by in-house operators, and you’ll save a boatload on sub-commissioning.



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