Signs which shows that your air filter is filthy


The air filter of a car cleans the air coming through the engine. Unusual sounds, failing engine, and decreased fuel economy are some symptoms of dirty air filter. The engine of the car mixes air and gasoline in the combustion chamber to make power.

This air reaches the engine via an air filter that works to keep out road debris, bugs, dirt, and other pollutants which can break the engine. Simultaneously, the air filter should let adequate air reach the engine so it can perform effectively. The air filter, over time, can turn filthy and clogged, and a shortage of air can impact the overall performance 0pf your vehicle. Read further to understand the other bad air filter symptoms.

Signs of dirty air filter

  1. Decline of horsepower

If the car acceleration looks slow, your horsepower can be suffering from oxygen deficiency. If your car shakes while accelerating or retorts gradually than usual, risks are not receiving the air it requires to work at peak performance. Seek for the responsible services of commercial HVAC in Atlanta.

  1. Black smoke from the exhaust pipe

When oxygen faces a problem in reaching the engine, fuel might not be burning off at a sufficient rate. This can lead to some of the fuel leakages via the system and out of your exhaust pipe. You might hear popping sounds as superheated fuel is forced out through your exhaust system.

  1. Reduced gas mileage

Fall in the gas mileage is typically a symptom that something is wrong. Your air filter adds to your fuel effectiveness, but a filthy air filter can lead to condensed oxygen flow.

When should we substitute the air filter?

Several automobile companies suggest replacing the air filter every 10000 to 15000 miles, or every year. But, if you usually drive in dusty or rural places like Arizona, Texas, San Antonio, or Scottsdale, you may wish to have your mechanic check and replace it more frequently, like every 6000 miles. Washington D.C and Los Angeles are crowded areas, and drivers often find heavy traffic there, making them stop and start more often needs you to change the filter more habitually. Many cars also have a cabinet air filter employed to clean air going inside the car’s interior, but it has a distinct maintenance plan than an engine air filter.

For maintenance purposes, get in touch with the professionals of HVAC in Sandy Springs.

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