Tailored Timeless Bathroom Glass Solutions


The bathroom holds the tile of “most difficult room to clean”, and this should always be remembered when thinking bathroom design. Yet the bathroom is one room we associate with luxury and comfort, and glass scores a hit in this department, especially with the state of the art shower screen systems and matching splashbacks we have today. Interior design has embraced the use of glass, with balustrades and tables adorning many Australian homes, and with glass pool fencing and balconies, you have a sleek modern look that is easy to keep clean.

Made to Measure Shower Units

We all know how much water a bath uses, and with everyone switched onto the shower, why not have a made to measure shower unit installed? It matters not what shape or size, there are online suppliers who can tailor the unit to fit. You might prefer a long walk-in shower, or a compact corner unit, and with a range of sleek, frameless solutions, your bathroom will be the place you want to spend your time in.


The extensive catalogue of mirror surfaces and designs allows you carte blanche in the bathroom, with full length units that can be customised to fit any wall space. Tiles and mirrors go together like bread and butter, and with a little creativity and a budget, you could transform your bathroom. Colours can be used to good effect, with smokey grey a popular choice, and as everything is custom made, you can be your own designer.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The range of tints can really bring a sparkle to any bathroom, and if you would like some design inspiration, a Google image search will give you a few ideas, and you can also use the Internet to source a supplier. If you are looking to buy glass in Perth, for example, there is a local glazier that specialises in all glass interior applications, and they would have an online catalogue showing the various glass colours, and they would be happy to send an expert to your home, where you can both discuss your bathroom options, and if you fancied brightening up the kitchen, he would have some great ideas.

Leave Design to the Experts

If you’ve made the decision to do something with the bathroom and are open to ideas, why not ask the glass supplier for their opinion? You might be surprised at what can be achieved, and as everything is made to measure, you have no worries about fitting. Most towns and cities would have at least one company that specialises in bespoke domestic glass solutions, and with an online search, you can easily locate the nearest.

Glass has always been popular with home décor, but technical advances in cutting and safety have enabled stylish features that enhance any home. If you would like to explore the glass potential for your home, call in your local glazier and you might be in for a pleasant surprise.


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