4 Ways Sandblasting Can Benefit the Homeowner


We tend to think of abrasive blasting as a strictly commercial enterprise, and while it is used extensively to clean heavy machinery, the Australian homeowner can also benefit from this time saving process. Mobile abrasive blasting teams are readily available to clean any surface, and with so many different mediums that can be used with abrasive blasting, here are just a few of the ways that this service can make life easier at home.

  1. Terraces, Paths and Driveways – Your patio no doubt looked amazing when it was first laid, and over the years, grime sets in and gradually, the concrete surface begins to fade. The driveway might have a few oil patches, and no amount of scrubbing with detergent will shift that, yet with a professional sandblaster and his state of the art equipment, your terrace and driveway will look like its just been poured. Using soda and high pressure water, the surface can be quickly restored to its orginal state, and with the right nozzle, the operator can get into all the tight corners, ensuring the new look is comprehensive. There is affordable sandblasting in Perth WA from skilled mobile operators, and an online search will put you in touch, and they will be happy to carry out the work at your convenience.
  2. Roof & Exterior Walls – Whether your walls are cement or timber, sandblasting will strip the paint very quickly, and with a little elbow grease, the surfaces will be ready for painting. The hardest thing about a repaint is stripping the old layers of paint, especially if it is oil-based paint, which is notoriously stubborn to remove. The roof can be restored to its original colour with the right type of abrasive treatment, and if you’re wise, you would also have a sealant applied to cover the roof after the clean, which will give you added protection that will last for many years.
  3. Car Restoration – You might have a pet project, which is to restore an old sports car that you bought for a song, and an hour of sandblasting will strip all the paintwork from the body, and also sandblasting can completely remove all the grease from the engine, which makes working on it so much easier.
  4. Garage Door Repaint – Sooner or later, the garage door will be passed the point of cleaning, and before giving it a coat of gloss enamel, you should strip all the paint and prepare the surface, rather than simply adding another coat. To do this properly, you will need to remove the door from the mechanism and also take off all the fittings, which will leave you a shell of sheet metal, and with a small spray gun, you can apply a smooth and even coat.

Many Australians who are selling their home will have the exterior sandblasted, which is the most cost-effective way to add some style and character to the exterior of the property, and this might be enough to convince the buyer to make a commitment.

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