A Baker’s Dream: Design a More Spacious Kitchen


Even when you find the perfect home, there are often changes that need to be made to meet specific requirements. Needs also change over time as your family grows. The kitchen is often a hub for family conversations and social gatherings. Everyone wants to be where the food is. Individuals with a love for baking often yearn for more counter space and a bigger oven. Whether you are enjoying a big family meal or card games at the kitchen table, more space is often necessary. A kitchen renovation can make your dreams come true.

Counter Space

When holiday season comes around, avid bakers are usually stocked and ready to spread the love with pies and cakes. Large mixers and rolling out dough can make your kitchen counter seem incredibly tiny. A renovation may be in order if you are routinely moving things around to make space for your baking supplies and beautiful creations. Bespoke kitchens in Norwich can bring the joy back to holiday baking.


Small appliances are often placed in kitchens to save space. This can make it difficult when you need more space for your family’s groceries or to cook a large meal. A kitchen renovation can easily make space for a wider refrigerator or even a double oven. Common changes include the following:

  • Widening spaces for appliances
  • Adding an island
  • Forming a space for stackable ovens

A larger kitchen can eliminate the feel of crowding when gathered in the kitchen. Meal time can be more relaxing for everyone. Endless pies and cakes can line your new counters as well.



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