A Guide to Buying a Home Theatre System


If, like most Australians, you really enjoy your multimedia, perhaps it is time to throw away that old TV and that huge amplifier and opt for an ultra modern home theatre system, which, as the name implies, brings you full surround sound with high definition graphics, and with Bluetooth solutions, you can finally say goodbye to that maze of speaker cables. Technology is in a constant state of development, and the latest home theatre systems combine elegance with performance, and if you are in the market for a quality configuration, here are some important things to bear in mind.

  • Flat Screen TVs – There are several types of flat screen TVs available today, with both LED and LCD screens a popular choice. Plasma TVs are more suited to darker rooms, and the crisp clarity of LED makes for a much more favourable selection. Spend some time thinking about size, as the screen should really be in keeping with the room sizewise, with everything from the massive 90 inch screens down to an acceptable 32 inch unit, and for most homes, something around 60 inches is ideal. Obviously, you will be investing in a digital TV network, which offers far better reception than the analogue systems of old, and if you are in need of a digital antenna in Rockingham, there is an excellent local provider who has a range of quality flat screen TVs and home theatre systems and can install everything for you.
  • Screen Resolution – This is the key to a sharp picture and the best available is the impressive 4K Ultra HD, at 2016p, while 1080p lets you watch Blue Ray movies, which is still regarded as high end. Of course, if you have a large living room and want to have high definition on a wide scale, there are top quality projectors with motorised screens, and this gives you HD quality on a scale you would find in a small cinema.
  • Audio Configuration – The perfect system is 5.1 Channel Surround Sound, which consists of a single subwoofer – or sound bar – and a left and right speaker for the soundtrack and special effects, a central unit for TV dialogue, and two rear speakers for directional sound effects. If the speakers are placed correctly, this will give you the ultimate surround sound experience, perfect for those epic blockbusters.
  • DVD Player – Blue Ray is the best option and if you buy a home theatre package, it would include a Blue Ray DVD player, which can easily be configured to work with your surround sound system.

If you are a hi-fi enthusiast, you might like to build your own system by buying separate components, but for the average man, an off the shelf system is more than adequate, and rather than driving around looking at systems in the shopping malls, why not contact your local digital media specialist, who can supply and install the system, giving you and your family the ultimate in home entertainment.


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