All you Need to Know About Carpet Restoration


Carpets are not exactly cheap, and due to continuous use, they are often damaged by staining and general wear and tear. It is very easy to spill something on a carpet, and with substances like chocolate red wine and other household liquids, it is easy to stain a carpet to the point where it is almost impossible to remove.

  • Professional Carpet Restoration – Fortunately, there is professional carpet restoration in London, and they can remove any stain from a carpet using special chemical solutions that are designed solely to remove unwanted stains. Bleach spots are a common problem, as the bleach in some household products causes a small area of the carpet to lose its colour, which is very visible.
  • Colour Restoration – The sun’s UV rays can cause the colour of a carpet to fade over time, and with a fitted carpet that entirely covers a room, there could be specific areas that are exposed to direct sunlight through the windows, and over a period of time, this discolouration becomes very noticeable.
  • Colour Change – There are carpet specialists who can actually change the colour of your carpet, and as amazing as it might sound, changing the colour is often a better alternative than replacing the carpet.
  • Persian and Oriental Rug Restoration – These works of art are incredibly expensive, and as you would expect, they can become jaded over time. Specialist companies can restore an expensive rug, which gives it a new lease of life, adding years to the life of the rug.

If you have a specialist requirement with a carpet or rug, contact a professional carpet restorer who can work his magic and restore the carpet to its former glory.

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