Best Ways That Help You Look After Your Air Conditioner


An air conditioner is considered as the most useful invention of the modern times. It offers you utmost peace during scorching hot summers and keeps you away from the devastating heat. These appliances are extremely beneficial but they are not cheap at all. You have to get a good price for an air conditioner.

This calls for attention to the aspect that you have to take great care of your air conditioner and undertake regular maintenance, so that your appliance continues to work in the best condition for a very long time. No one would want to buy an air conditioner every year and neither are you. Therefore, you must know about the different maintenance techniques for keep your AC in a healthy and sound state.

The maintenance concern is usually overlooked by the owners. Air conditioners are well-built appliances. They also deceive the owners. As the appliance is throwing cool air, they consider that it is all well with the appliance. However, they do not know that their AC is losing its efficiency with the period of time.

It must be known that of you do not undertake any maintenance activity on your AC; it will lose 5 percent of its efficiency each year. It is immaterial that the AC is giving cool air or not, the efficiency of the appliance will decrease. Every AC comes with a rated capacity. Good air conditioners usually work for 15 years or so effectively and in some scenarios, even more than this. If you do proper maintenance of your AC, there are all the chances that your appliance will continue to work at its rated capacity all through its life.

Generally, you should be performing regular checks on your AC a little before the due time. How can you perform the wear and tear of your appliance? The first check that you must perform is usual observation check. Make sure there are no unusual sounds of leaks and also check for appropriate drainage of the condenser tube.

Secondly, do not forget to check the filters for cleanliness. If your filters are dirty, the AC running will be troublesome and uneconomical. So, it is vital that you clean the filters monthly so that your AC gives you optimum performance. Do not forget to clean the registers and air vents. Compressor cleaning is also crucial, but it should be cleaned from the outside with a hose so that dust does not effect in the functionality of your AC.

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