Block Paving: The Best Surfaces for your Home or Business


Of all the many materials used for exterior surfaces, block paving stands head and shoulders above all else, and there are several reasons for this. Take regular paving, for instance, which does offer a wide range of design choices, yet the thickness of the pavers is inadequate for a durable and long-lasting finish, and movement often occurs. Block paving, on the other hand, uses very thick blocks and when they are entwined, this gives a very solid surface that can withstand even heavy vehicles.

  1. Host of Attractive Designs – If you take the time to look at some of the stunning block paving in Radstock, for example, you will see just how diverse the design options are. Using several colours can really make the driveway look attractive, and there are many pattern designs that can be used to create something unique.
  2. Ground PreparationThis is the secret to a professional driveway installation, and the contractor would wish to see the site prior to offering a quote. In some cases, the contractor might recommend laying a solid concrete base, or of the drainage is less than perfect, he might suggest adding a layer of stones to help with drainage.
  3. Stands the Test of Time – Block paving will last for many years, and there will be zero movement, as the blocks are integrated in such a way that they provide a solid foundation. You can expect a very long warranty when you have a block paving driveway installed, and if professionally laid, there’s very little that can go wrong.

Talk to a local block paving contractor and see what they can do for you, and you won’t be disappointed.

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