Chimney Sweeps Do a Lot More Than Simply Sweeping the Chimney


While sweeping chimneys is a large part of a chimney sweep’s work, he does offer other services, all of which are chimney related. Here are a few of the services your local chimney sweep can carry out.

  • Installing Bird Guards – These handy devices stop birds nesting in the chimney, and experienced chimney sweeps in Bromley would be able to install a bird guard if you have problems with birds nesting in the chimney.
  • Fitting Chimney Cowls – Installing a chimney cowl can increase the draught and also prevent wind blowing smoke back into the room. The name “cowl” comes from the hood-shape that is used, which resembles the cowl a monk wore in those days.
  • Replacing Flue Liners – The flue liners prevent the brickwork of the chimney from being damaged by the heat, and could be made from clay, stainless-steel or galvanised iron. Removing them is a tricky job, and one best left to the experts, and very old properties might require the flue liners to be replaced.
  • Cleaning Woodburning Stoves – Another job the chimney sweep excels at, and they are often asked to clean the stove after the chimney has been swept. With both the chimney and the stove cleaned, your open fire will generate more heat, and you will burn a little less fuel with a clean stove and chimney.

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected for a few years, next time you call the chimney sweep, ask him about the other services he offers, and he would be glad to carry out any of the above tasks.

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