Clearing the Jungle: A Garden Paradise


When a garden area is left alone too long, several things can go wrong. The plants may die off or become incredibly overgrown. If you have an area in your garden that resembles a small jungle, it may be time to hire some help. You can also get snakes and rodents in the area. A professional gardener knows what can stay and what must be eliminated. Native plants can be a big help in young gardens. Let a gardener take over and watch your garden transform.


An overgrown garden can attract many unwanted animals. Many urban areas have wildlife running through them. Squirrels, possums, and bats often provide a nice atmosphere to look at. They do, however, tend to get into things during the night. A well-manicured garden can help keep these and other animal under control. Snakes can often creep in and hide in the underbrush. Rats and mice may also begin to call it home. Garden services can help you get everything back under control. Look for these common warning signs:

  • snake holes
  • rat feces
  • nesting holes

The Plants

It can be difficult to maintain a garden when you are not sure what grows best in the area. Many people purchase a variety of plants that take a lot of care. Garden services in Harrogate can help you make better choices for your garden. They know which plants work well in different climates and which ones are easy to care for.

An overgrown garden can present some risks to your family and home. Pests can live in the plants and migrate inside your house. It is important to plant flowers that are native to the area and easy to care for.

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