Curved Stairlift and Other Cool Home Technology of the 2020s


It’s finally in 2021. The horrible year of 2020 is behind us, and now the path to an amazing decade has opened. Aside from the virus that is still raging, and the scientists trying to get control over it with the new vaccine, it’s exciting living in this age of humanity.

We have so many technological advancements, which make you wonder if technology developed overnight. In this article, we’re offering 5 amazing gadgets that will make you rush online to order them right away. They are so amazing that even if you don’t need them at the moment, you’ll still be excited to see how they work. Follow up and learn more about them!

1. Curved Stairlift

Do you hate walking up the stairs? It’s boring, right? You don’t have to do it anymore, because they invented some highly developed and amazingly looking items that drive up and down without a problem.

If you’re thinking that these things were invented a long time ago, you’re right. They were. Now they are upgraded and made perfect for anyone interested in having one at home. They can move through any kind of surface, and there are no obstacles for them.

Back in the day, they moved terribly slow and only went one way. Now, they are curved, and much faster. Just take a look at these from Mobility Mojo, and see where technology went while were too busy watching football.

2. Virtual reality kits

Virtual reality is no longer an item that will be available in the future, and we see it only in sci-fi movies. It is real, and you can have it at home. The options are endless. From playing video games that are horrifically real to traveling around the globe, and of course, for those who are fond of it, watching adult content made for people who are into this.

It’s not just the vision and making you feel like you’re watching in the first person. The goggles now come with an entire set of gloves, helmets, and all kinds of stuff depending on the product you’re getting. You can see, feel, and even smell a particular object you see in front of you.

3. Smart Speakers

Artificial intelligence is moving at such a pace, that it’s completely okay if you feel like you’re in a part of some of the many movies where AI robots take over the Earth. Luckily for us, we’re nowhere near something like this. We only have positive things from AI so far.

One of these things is the smart speaker. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, all have their smart speakers that are helping you around your home with the information you want to know. They can also be connected with the appliances around the house, so you no longer need to use remote controls for everything.

You can just ask the smart speaker to turn off the lights or check if the door is closed. At the same time, you can ask for cooking recipes, learn about the history of Luxemburg, or whatever it is you’re interested in while being home and doing something else with your hands.

4. Drone grocery shopping

How about drones? They are cool, right? How about letting a drone go grocery shopping, while you’re at home watching Football? Sounds great? Well, now you have this one available.

Amazon has already started delivering its products with drones. Instead of waiting for the delivery person to miss your house a thousand times, you have drones reading your location through GPS. They can’t miss it. You can order whatever it is that you need from the online store, and see the bag with oranges on your front door in no time.

5. High-tech air purifiers

What’s so special about air purifiers? You would say nothing until you see these pieces of high-tech air purifiers. Before you had them, you thought your air quality is just fine. You can breathe, so it’s kind of okay.

Turning them on will give you a detailed list of issues with your air quality. They will clean all of it. They will make the perfect humidity, take down the bacteria, and all the bad particles that might be flowing in the air.

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