Different Types Of Concrete Crushers That You Can Purchase For Recycling Blocks


After the building of a house or a bridge demolition, that is when concrete appears, which might cause pollution problems and dispose of waste materials.  There are different types of crushers that you can choose from if you are looking for concrete crushers for sale.

Different types of concrete crushers

Portable concrete crusher

A portable concrete crusher has muscular flexibility. A fixed crushing libe means that the manufacturer will have to pay more money for labour and transportation and use more time while transporting the concrete to where the crusher is. With a portable crusher, one can load different fixed crusher machines like the fixed jaw crusher, the impact rock crusher and the hydraulic cone crusher. The portable concrete crusher works well for a mobile crushing plant which integrates the crushing equipment like the conveyor and the power control equipment.

Mobile concrete crusher

The mobile crusher uses a crawler or tracked mounting way, which makes it easier to move around and can be operated by remote control. This type of concrete crusher is ideal for crushing sites that require people to climb a slope, and all its installation steps are easy and can be completed within two hours.

Excavator concrete crusher

As its name suggests, this concrete crusher is attached as an excavator, ideal for a site with a lot of mud and scrap. This crusher is made of solid steel, directly hooked to the excavator, improving the excavator’s versatility. The excavator concrete crusher removes concrete slabs, walls and bridge decks. There is no need for hydraulic pressure while operating the jaws of the excavator. The crushing process depends on how much force is created by the front jaw and fixed rear jaw, ensuring that the concrete is separated from the steel bar and crushing the concrete simultaneously.

Concrete crusher bucket

For a site that requires recycling to take a pack, the concrete crusher bucket is an ideal choice. You will be required to mount the crusher on a wheel loader to perform higher on the concrete. You can recycle anything but the most difficult to do is wood mixed with scrap metal. Using a concrete crusher bucket is a good fit in assisting you in saving a lot of money since you will be using recycled material as your construction material. The crusher bucket will keep your workers on great trips transporting the materials from the site and you a lot of money if you need to repurchase the recycled materials.

Small concrete crushers

There are two types of small concrete crushers which are used in sites that have less output of concrete remains. The feeding area for the crushers is small, making it only ideal for small crushing processes. Here are the two types of the small concrete crusher:

  1. Small jaw crusher.
  2. Small mobile jaw crusher.

Final thoughts

Every concrete crusher serves a different purpose, and therefore it is essential to determine what you would like to achieve at the end and the size of the site that you will be working on before purchasing any crushers.

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