Do We Move to a Bigger Home or Add on to Our Current One?


Many people face this dilemma. Their families are growing and they just need more space! Do they …

  • build a new bigger home or
  • stay where they are and build an extension onto it?

Both are great options.

If you are looking for one of the best builders in Fleet, our advice is to find a builder that can do both and realistically help you price and consider all your options as well.

Table of Contents

Do I Expand?

Your family is growing! You might want to keep them planted in the home that they have come to know. Families love to have a place to remember as home. Many families throughout history did this very thing. They stayed in their same homes but just built onto them. That keeps your family in place in your current home.

Many families who consider this option are particular about what they need. Perhaps it is another bedroom? Maybe it is a playroom and entertainment centre? Again, having these specifics in mind when you talk to a builder is crucial to getting a correct estimate. A good builder will have lots of options for you.

Do I Build?

Building gives you the option to reinvent your space. You have grown to love things about your home but also have found something that you wish you can change. A new build allows you to make everything over the way you like it.

A good builder will give you lots of options for the layout as well as choosing all the paint colours and light fixtures. It can be a truly fun and exciting experience for a family who is growing!

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