Do You Need an Expert Roofer to Look at Your Roof?


How well do you know your roof? The problem is that homeowners simply ignore the roof most of the time. It keeps the weather out but most people wouldn’t even know if the roof had a leak. What’s worse is that leaving a leaky roof can lead to all sorts of extra damage to the home, costing even more!

Does Your Roof Have a Leak?

So, how can you tell if your roof has a leak or a hole? How do you know when to call one of the best roofers in Edinburgh? Here are some signs that you should ignore at your peril:

  • Failed Guttering: Even though most people don’t know it, guttering and drainage that isn’t working properly can lead to roof problems. If the rainwater is pooling in the guttering and not draining properly, it will cause the fascia boards to rot and the roof tiles to erode. This can lead to holes.
  • Ceiling Damage: Have you looked up at the ceiling lately? If you see dark circles and what looks like black mould, this could be a sign of water damage in the roof space. When rain water leaks into the roof, it pools on insulation, roof beams, and the ceiling. It is also a great habitat for black mould and other nasties.

Avoiding More Expense

A leaky roof can lead to all sorts of other problems, including damaged insulation and electrical wiring. If you suspect that you have a roof problem, don’t leave it too long.



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