Enrich Your Knowledge About Kitchen Designs for Enhanced Functionality


If you love to cook and spend a considerable time of the day in your kitchen, then you would be waiting eagerly to give it a facelift. Personalisation of the kitchen space is almost essential when you need to manage the household chores within a short time. You cannot simply afford unorganized kitchen where you must run around to get the essential cooking ingredients from different storage areas.

The latest kitchen designs aim to make the kitchens more functional than ever. However, you must research a lot and work on the planning part very carefully so that the final construction will have everything that you need for your kitchen.

Planning the Modulation

Always remember that your kitchen is not going to be a place for the random fitting of appliances and storage spaces. The space should have modules with manufacturing logic which will pertain to the accurate building parameters. Otherwise, there will be a conflict between the kitchen designs and function. There will be typically three elements in a module.

  1. Upper module with one back, one bottom, one top, two sides a couple of doors, one shelf and frame bars.
  2. Lower module should have a back, one bottom, one shelf, two sides, base, 1 or 2 doors and the frame bars.
  3. Tower module having two sides, one bottom, one back, 1 top, and series of doors or shelves with base.

A critical part of this modulation plan is to place the appliances in the correct positions. It is better to place all the appliances in a single module and not between two separate modules.

It will also make the plumbing and electrical job more complex.

Organizing the Layout

The layout planning, along with the furniture and fixtures need your consideration before finalising the design. A few design tips might help you out.

  • Open kitchen design: Contrary to the more popular concept of the separate kitchen and dining space, the latest kitchen designs prefer open floor planning where you will have a free-standing kitchen. There will be no barrier between the kitchen and social space if that is a point of consideration. But compromising with your age-old idea of privacy will help you to build a sophisticated and luxury kitchen with grandeur.
  • Kitchen work triangle: The concept is about focussing on the three most important areas of your kitchen- the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator which should be in a triangular shape. It will facilitate a smooth approach from one unit to another.
  • Placement of sink and faucet: The cleaning zone should be around the sink preferably. The kitchen designs should incorporate the building of the kitchen hardware cabinetry right below the sink to provide space for storing dishwasher, mops, garbage bin, brooms, and even other household cleaning items.

Utilising Natural Light

An efficient builder will always try to utilize maximum inflow of natural light for the kitchen designsAs you must spend hours in cooking, chopping, Cleaning, and organizing plates in the kitchen, the lighting plan will be crucial. Of course, you must choose the energy-efficient lights and lamps to brighten the area. But utilising the sunlight during the day will save much unnecessary energy consumption. It will make the area healthy too.

Improving Functionality

As the modern kitchen designs aim to improve the functionality of the space stylishly, you will find innovative designs for the cabinets and racks. All the cabinets should be durable, and you should clean them regularly. You can now get ample space for storing food, grocery items, and for the placing of appliances too. The design should be practical with a special focus on how you work and what problems do you face in your existing kitchen. You can also select various flooring styles to add glamour.

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