Factors that Play a Role in Determining Roof Longevity


We don’t need to stress the importance of your roof, whether commercial or domestic, our roof is an essential part of our building. The way we take care of our roof is vital, you should keep on top of repairs and maintenance to ensure longevity. Roofing contractors in Portsmouth recommend having the structure assessed at least once a year by a professional and carrying out your own maintenance. However, every structure is different, and many things affect the lifespan of your roof.


  • Sun – Prolonged periods of sunshine can cause damage to your roof. It can cause slates to crack and it can weaken other material.
  • Wind – Strong winds can cause all kinds of damage to your roof; it can loosen shingles and rip up other material.
  • Rain – if rainwater makes it into your roof, you’ve a big problem on your hands.
  • Snow – You’d be surprised to learn that heavy bouts of snow can damage your roof due to weight when it accumulates on the structure.

Where You Live

Where you live also plays a factor when it comes to the lifespan of your roof. Weather plays a key role, along with the environment. If you live in a windy area surrounded by trees, your roof could experience damage from broken branches.

Overlooking Maintenance

Taking care of your roof is important, if you overlook the structure, it will deteriorate quicker. No matter how good it is, it still needs maintenance and repair on occasion to ensure longevity.

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