Four Amazing Enhancers for Your Home


There are many times when you must repair or replace parts of your home that enhance its value and add functionality and beauty. Four of these enhancements add the opportunity for coordination and style when you work on them together: fencing, paths, patios, and driveways.

So whether you are looking for a driveway company in Thame or you are looking for someone to add paths, patios, or fencing to your property, consider coordinating the following for an enhanced final look.

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A fence gives a memorable first impression. You can choose wood or metal fencing and gates. Wooden fences are available in decorative styles such as picket, lattice, and hazel hurdles. Get them weatherproofed to ensure that they remain attractive and functional for as long as possible.

Choose close-board fencing for its blend of durability and functionality. For close-board fencing, larger section timbers provide maximum protection from the weather. You will need to get it stained but can choose your favourite colour stain.

Metal fencing gives a more contemporary or even more historical look. It will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Fencing provides a robust and attractive boundary that lasts for many years.


You can choose for your paths around your home to have a wide variety of styles with a wide range of materials to blend in with your existing type of home and garden. Make it your goal to enjoy summer barbecues on your yard and a new pathway to keep off your lawn.


Choose to build your patio using high-quality paving, slabs, or tiles. They can be designed and made to your space in a variety of styles including edging and walling options.

Design your new patio slab in any pattern from linear style to random. A well-designed patio is a perfect way to extend the aura of your home. As such, a beautiful patio can bring the sunshine in and let your family enjoy the garden more. Build it using a wide range of materials. You can choose from limestone, granite, slate, travertine, York stone, sandstone, concrete, or natural Indian sandstone.


Choose the driveway that best complements your home. Don’t forget that you have a host of driveway options from which to choose.

  • Concrete driveways
  • Imprinted concrete driveways
  • Asphalt driveways
  • Brick driveways
  • Gravel driveways
  • Dirt driveways
  • Crushed stone driveways
  • Cobblestone driveways
  • Crushed basalt driveways
  • Recycled glass driveways
  • Green lawn driveways

Have fun designing!

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