Modern intercoms – the highest quality of communication


Today, it is difficult to imagine the entrance to a block of flats or any other residential building without an intercom. It has also become a certain symbol that evolves along with the changing times. Modern intercoms allow to have a conversation with the highest sound quality, and some of them also have the option of remotely opening the entrance door. What else do the latest intercoms offer?

What are the most important features of a modern intercom?

We all use intercoms each day and everyone knows how these devices work. Today’s security intercoms are very different from those from previous decades. In the past, intercoms were devices that did not provide high-quality sound. It was quite common to shout at the intercom so that the other person could understand you. This was due to components which were unable to provide clear sound. As a result, conversations were often interrupted and incomprehensible. In such situations, the guest was most often allowed in to talk in more favourable conditions. Today’s intercoms are innovative devices that are distinguished by excellent quality, as well as parameters that provide crystal-clear sound. Such sound quality is possible thanks to innovative technologies which not only amplify the sound, but also effectively filter it. The user can perfectly understand every conversation, and the background noise does not affect the quality of the conversation. Such technology allows us to perfectly understand our guest, even if there is a lot of street noise. This is a completely new quality that was unattainable in previous generations of intercoms. Today’s security intercoms are known for their high quality, innovative solutions and stylish design. Another important feature of modern intercoms is that they allow to open the door remotely. This intuitive option means that you can easily open the door for your guest without having to walk to the entrance. An intercom with hands-free answering is a device that easily increases both home security and the level of our convenience and comfort.

The stylish design of modern intercoms

When it comes to appearance, security intercoms are today a great example of how modern technology can be a part of our everyday lives. Such communicators are not only practical, but also aesthetic. One of the most popular intercom manufacturers is the Czech brand 2N. Their stylish appearance has gained recognition among a huge number of consumers as well as specialists, thanks to which the 2N Indoor Talk model received the 2019 Design Award2N’s indoor touch communicators have a modern and minimalist look, and therefore they are suitable for any interior design. The above-mentioned 2N Indoor Talk model has 7 buttons:

• a green receiver for answering incoming calls,
• a red receiver for terminating or rejecting an incoming calls,
• a yellow padlock for opening the door remotely,
• a volume up button,
• a volume down button,
• a microphone off button,
• a silent mode activation button.

Security intercoms from 2N are enjoying increasing interest because of their parameters and intuitive design. Consumers around the world appreciate the extensive experience and reliability of this brand. 2N provides innovative and quality devices that will last for many years.

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