How Many Real Estate Agents Can A Buyer Work With?


A buyer will mostly want to get a good home at the least price possible their ambition might drive them to look for more than one agent, but more often than not they fail to ask themselves if that is necessary. The real estate agents usually visit the same MSL database, and they will find the same information, which becomes repetitive rather than helpful.

A buyer needs to remain loyal to one real estate agent. It is easier for him or her and the agent if loyalty is on both parties. The buyer should feel free to inquire about anything from the agent they have hired. The agent has the obligation of explaining everything to the buyer. Terms that may be challenging for the buyer to understand, the advantages and disadvantages of going, for specific deals over others and so on are the kinds of things the agent should talk to the buyer about. The buyer should not feel the need to hire another agent when he or she already has one.

If you are a buyer and you feel like the property search agent you hired is not delivering the services you need well, consider terminating that partnership and looking for a new agent.

Another thing to consider if you are thinking about working with more than one agent is the commission. Agents receive payment if a buyer buys a property via them. An agent will only dedicate himself or herself to closing the deal for the buyer if they know the buyer is loyal and trusting of the work they are doing. The moment you as a buyer feel like the real estate agent working for you is not putting in enough effort to help you out, try finding a new one but end the agreement with this first one.

Apart from the issue of commissions, realtors usually work under a code of ethics specific to realtors and one buyer hiring more than agent may interfere with these code of ethics. If you are a buyer and you already have an agent, when you go ahead to look for another one, and you disclose that you are already working with one, they may refuse your offer because according to their code of ethics an agent cannot interfere with another’s client.

The buyer is better off with a good agent. Before you hire an agent, ensure that you have conducted the necessary interview; you have read reviews and communicated with references to ascertain that this is an excellent agent for you. You should find an agent that you get along with well. Find property search agent that you trust, like, and stick with them to the very end when you have bought the property.

An agent is unlikely to work with you if you want to work with more than one agent. They will refuse to show you homes or agree to take up your offer in the first place.

You will also notice that buyer agents usually inquire at the very beginning if you are working with another agent. Most times the agent will effuse to work for you if you already have an agent. In other cases, you can work with two agents if they do not work in the same area and if they have communicated and are aware that they are both working for you.

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