Pooja Room Designs With Jaali Panel


You will find jaali designs in many Indian pooja room designs. This design has always been a part of Indian architecture. It features intricately carved gaps in many different shapes and sizes. Also, this design can be created on different materials like wood, stone, etc. Experts love using the jaali design in home interiors because it has many benefits. For instance, you can create a jaali design to control the amount of natural light entering the space. It will help to prevent an intense glare. Similarly, a jaali design will allow air to pass and keep a space ventilated. You can add privacy to an open space by opting for a jaali design as well. Also, the jaali design is used to add more character and visual interest to the space.

Among all the spaces in the home, the jaali design is most commonly found in the pooja room. This is because the jaali design makes the space appealing and adds privacy. If you add the jaali design to your pooja room, you should very carefully incorporate it. There are many pooja room designs with jaali panels you can consider. Mentioned below are a few:

01 of 05 Back jaali design

One of the most common ways of incorporating it in your pooja room design is by using it as a backdrop. Since there are various materials available in the market, make sure you choose one that matches the pooja stand in the room. This will help to create a more seamless look. People looking for subtle decorations should consider choosing one. Besides the material, you should pay attention to other aspects as well. For instance, its colour should complement the rest of the elements in the room like the bells, oil lamp, plates, etc. However, it should not be too overpowering as it will be behind the idols and they should be the focal point. If there is no wall behind the mandir, natural light will enter through the jaalis and give the space an auspicious vibe. In case there is a wall, always choose a neutral-coloured wall.

02 of 05 Add jaalis to the sides

A common trick you can consider to give the mandir design a unique look is adding jaalis to the sides. It will give your simple pooja room design more personality. People with small mandirs love this design because it makes the space appear larger than its actual size. Also, more natural light enters from both sides and the space appears brighter. Just make sure you choose colours like white to further make your mandir design more spacious and create a serene atmosphere.

03 of 05 Create a jaali gate for your pooja room

The mandir is certainly the center of your pooja room. However, this does not mean you should not pay attention to the other elements in the room. By adding jaali to other elements in the room, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of the space. Consider incorporating the jaali design in your pooja room door. It will hugely influence the look of your pooja room from the inside and outside. This will enhance the overall appearance of your pooja room design. Similarly, you can choose jaali doors for your mandir door as well. Consider opting for wood if you want a more traditional appeal. There are many different designs you can consider for the door. Commonly chosen options include flowers, bells, and the Om sign.

04 of 05 Create a jaali ceiling design

The key to creating very appealing interiors is paying attention to every aspect. Besides the mandir and door, you can incorporate the jaali design in the ceiling as well. A well-designed jaali ceiling in the pooja room will add a touch of luxury to the space and certainly fetch compliments from your friends and relatives. Depending on your preferences, you can create the jaali design all over the ceiling for an appealing look or just focus on the area above the mandir to keep it highlighted. This will give you an amazing feeling when you look up at the ceiling and pray. For a more traditional and auspicious feel, consider choosing wood for the jaali. Also, you can install lighting in the jaali to create a stunning look.

05 of 05 Go all out with the jaali work

If you love the jaali design, you can incorporate it into the entire pooja room design. Start with choosing jaali doors for the entrance. Then choose the jaali work for the sides of the mandir. This will ensure that sufficient light and air enter the space at all times. If there is no wall behind the mandir, a jaali work backdrop will further help in making the space brighter and more ventilated. When choosing the jaali design, do not just focus on white. Break the monotonous look by introducing wood as well.

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