Protecting Your Property Agreement


When we think of property agreements that require the facilitation of an agent, we tend to think of a real estate agent. But did you know that there is another kind of agent that can help navigate the landlord/tenant agreement?

A letting agent in Kensal Rise is there to ensure that the rights of the tenant and landlord are protected so that both sides can enjoy a successful relationship. Both parties have their rights and it is important that they are aware of them.

Letting Services

Moreover, there are a litany of services that a letting agent will offer. These services can include things such as the following:

  • Properties to let
  • Tenant fee schedule
  • Tenant services
  • Landlord services

Having a professional to assist with understanding rights and filing paperwork can ensure that both parties are protected to the fullest extent. The last thing that either side wants is to put themselves in a liable position that can leave them vulnerable.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

The most important thing about finding a letting agent is to find one who has a proven history. Going with an unproven agent might prove to be a bit more cost-effective, but when it comes to tenant/landlord rights, getting the proper protection is of the utmost importance.

Experienced letting agents are just a phone call away and they can provide the proper information needed to get the process rolling. Just because the agreement is a rental doesn’t mean that proper representation is not needed.

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