Saving the Planet, One Job at a Time


What if we told you that you can get your bathroom redesigned, or get new windows and doors installed to give your home an updated look, all at a great price, and you can help fight climate change at the same time?

You may be sceptical, but yes, it’s possible. Hold on tight and we’ll pull back the curtain to reveal the secret.

This week we sat down and talked with Smart Homes NI, a home improvement and design company in Northern Ireland. They do some really great work, but what sets this company apart is their unique approach to their business.

Smart Homes NI combines their quality home design and refurbishment work with their goal of making a difference in the struggle against climate change. It’s nice to see a business that has such a clear mission to make the world a better place.

You may be thinking that lots of companies say they want to help preserve the environment, but you don’t see them actually doing anything. So what is Smart Homes NI doing to make a difference?

They’re donating part of their profits from each job to help tackle climate change. Yes, that’s right: a part of every job goes straight to causes that are working to prevent further environmental harm. That’s putting their money where their mouth is!

As you can probably tell from their polar bear mascot, the melting of the ice caps is one of the most important issues to them, and they’re committed to helping slow this melt, preserving habitat for polar bears and countless other species.

We think this is a wonderful way to get people involved and united around a good cause. By choosing them for your home renovations, you’ll know that some of your money will be going to support climate change causes.

So if you’re looking for a company that knows how to make a home beautiful (and they do have some great design skills!), but who also care about keeping the planet beautiful too, then we’ve found the perfect company for you. Smart Homes NI will give you everything you’re looking for, and their prices are great too, so we’re confident in our recommendation.

Help save the planet while you get a beautiful newly-renovated bathroom: what more could you want?

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