The Many Benefits of uPVC Windows


Double glazed windows offer a very high level of thermal insulation, which helps to retain valuable heat, and while you can have aluminium or even timber double glazing, uPVC is by far the most popular, especially in the UK. As you may already know, double glazed windows are made to fit the openings, which ensures a perfect fit, and with a wide range of opening styles, you can tailor the design to suit the property.

Boost your Home Security

Any would be intruder would simply walk away from a property with uPVC windows, as they all know how difficult it is to gain entry, especially with:

  • Triple locking
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Steel reinforced frames

Thermal Insulation

This is the major benefit as far as UK homeowners are concerned, as heat loss through a sealed double glazed unit is minimal when compared to a single pane of glass. The good thing about uPVC frames is they eliminate condensation, which is a common problem in the UK, and with local companies offering double glazing in Sheffield you can ask someone to pay you a home visit.

Sound Insulation

You will notice how quiet things are when you install uPVC windows, as the 20mm gap in the double glazed units provide effective sound insulation, and you can even get triple glazing, which cuts out even more exterior noise.

Property Value Increase

Once your windows have been installed, you can expect to see a significant rise in the value of your home, and with a very long product warranty of at least 10 years, you can be sure that your windows will stand the test of time.

Talk to your local uPVC window supplier and see what he can do for you.

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