The Rising Trend Of Home Elevators


Once a luxury was only for the ultra-rich in the early part of the last century, the in-home elevator is making a surprising comeback among the upper middle class. What is an in-home elevator good for and why are they becoming more popular, you might wonder? They are good for many things. The simplest of course is that if you are disabled, or find getting around hard then an in-home elevator ensures your mobility is not lessened in your own home.

Other the Vancouver Home Elevators biggest benefits include moving large items or many things between floors. If you live in a three story home, having to go up two flights of stairs with your box of books might be a daunting prospect. Worse still is the idea of having to carry up a piano, bookcase, bed, or any other cumbersome items. They are bad enough when going up a single flight, much less two or three so an in-home elevator makes owning a larger home less of a burden. Another great reason to have one may well be that the staircase is too winding or narrow to move items between floors.

Of course, maybe your home just happens to come with one built-in. The in-home elevator is certainly making a comeback in standard architecture with more architects, including them as either an option or as a standard part of the building. Whatever the case is, if your home has one you are sure to start to wonder how you lived without one. As the middle-class buys larger and larger homes they find that they may well have more than just two floors; maybe its three above the ground, or one is down in the basement.

Having an elevator makes moving everything between floors a dream. Styling your designer basement or upper floor for a party? With an elevator it makes life easy for your catering agency to move full tables and food without flights of stairs.

Another major thing to consider when thinking about the use of in-home elevators is that it actually can help you in case of an accident. If you sprain your ankle, get hurt in some other way, or you feel sick, the last thing you want to do is trek up multiple flights of stairs on crutches. Maybe you’re even wheelchair bound for a bit. If this is the case you are certain to not want to camp on your downstairs couch and with an elevator you are not required to.

The in-home elevator gives you freedom of movement, freedom to live, and freedom to be ready for whatever life throws at you. From injury to party, an in-home elevator is a luxury you will love.

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