What Can Go Wrong With My Double Glazing?


If you have already replaced your softwood framed windows and doors with either uPVC or aluminium framed double glazed units, you will no doubt be very impressed with the many benefits. Of course, the windows would be under warranty, and if the supplier is still in business, he would carry out any necessary repairs. What exactly could go wrong with double glazed windows? Here are a few common issues you might encounter.

  • Misty Windows – The double glaze units have a 20mm gap, which is hermetically sealed; for added insulation and to prevent condensation forming on the glass, and should the seal be broken, the window would mist up. Call the affordable window repair services in Warwick, who will send a technician to replace the sealed unit, and while he’s there, he will inspect the windows and doors.
  • Hinge Problems– The cantilevered hinges are designed to last many years, but if they are subjected to excess pressure, this can bend the hinge, making it difficult to open and close. The solution is to simply replace the defective hinge, and any others that are on their way out.
  • Lock Malfunction– Inferior locking systems usually malfunction after 5 plus years, and most are a triple locking jamb type, where a bolt goes into the upper and lower frames. The lock barrel itself could seize up, especially with no lubrication, and should you have any lock issues with your double glazing, call in a local repair company.

It is very easy to break a patio door double glazed unit, especially when the kids play football, and should the worst happen, your local window repair centre can easily replace the unit with a toughened safety glass unit.

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