What to Do with a Rodent Infestation


Rats & mice have managed to survive for millions of years, and they have long been sharing our habitat, indeed, they have conquered every continent with the exception of the poles, and should you discover that your home is being shared with rodents, here are a few tips to help you remove the creatures.

  • Professional Solutions – You could waste your time by laying mouse traps or poison, and while you might get a large percentage of these hardy creatures, they breed so fast, their numbers will quickly be reinforced. A phone call to the experienced pest control services in Leeds is all it takes to resolve the issue, and the pest control technician has a number of treatments he can use, depending on the circumstances.
  • Disease Carriers – Rodents carry disease, and should you even suspect you have them in your home, call your local pest control company, who will send an expert to carry out a survey. If you have children and pets, all the more reason to have the rodents professionally exterminated. The pest control specialist can take steps to prevent any further occupations, and when they remove the pests, it is done in a professional and human manner.
  • Home Remedies – Some people say that mothballs repel mice, so you could put some in the wardrobes and chests of drawers, which will protect your clothing. It won’t, however, get rid of the rodents, they will simply change their routes. Introducing a cat will have a positive impact on the issue, yet, as Tom & Jerry cartoons suggest, the cat very often comes off second best.

The best way to effectively remove rodents from your home is to call in a pest control specialist, who can easily be found with an online search.

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