What Your Kitchen Cabinets Say About You


You kitchen cabinets, both their façade and what they hold, say a lot about who you are. Do you enjoy cooking? Are you a gourmet or a dabbler? Are you organized, efficient, and goal-driven? The truth is that your kitchen décor has more to say about your personality than you might think. Here are a few key insights you can gain about a person from the type of kitchen they keep.


Traditional kitchens are still the mainstay in American, as they have been since the country was first settled. Traditional kitchens speak of people who like timeless designs and who take pride in maintaining their property without being ostentatious. Traditional kitchens also reflect family values and a focus on home life. Dark wood is almost essential to a traditional kitchen, especially dark flooring. Traditional kitchens have high-end appliances, elaborate cabinets, and high levels of detail.

Contemporary Flair

Contemporary kitchens tend to be bold and to exude the confidence of their owners. They are better for sophisticated entertaining and tend to eschew the family vibe. You expect the owner of a contemporary kitchen to be fashionable and a bit of a workaholic. These kitchens have bold colors and strong geometric shapes. Look for lots of stainless steel and the best kitchen cabinets that money can buy in terms of features. Don’t expect a lot of intricate detail here.

Modern Means Nature

The modern kitchen consists of clean lines and earth tones. People who own modern kitchens are clean, organized, and focused on the protecting the planet. They often value efficiency and function over fashion. They appreciate a clean, crisp white more than just about anyone else. Look for very clean lines, lots of white, and little in the way of clutter in these kitchens. Built-in appliances that blend into the cabinetry are also favored.

Eclectic Energy

If you are a left-brained individual, you are more likely to have an eclectic kitchen. The modern kitchen owner would consider your kitchen cluttered and difficult to maintain, but you love the feeling of culture it expresses. World travelers tend to have eclectic kitchens as do independent thinkers and intuitive types. Look for mix-and-match appliances, lots of artifacts from world travels, and a multitude of colors.

Rustic Roots

The rustic kitchen is for people who care about preparing hearty, appetizing meals for family and friends. People who own rustic kitchens tend to be nurturing and cheerful. Look for lots of wood in these kitchens, a large refrigerator to handle all of the food, and natural stonework.

Kitchen Rorschach

What is remarkable about kitchen styles is that they differ with personality and not with geography. Whether you live in Atlanta or LA, your personality will be reflected in your kitchen and your kitchen will reflect your personality. It is just one of those quirky facts of life. Embrace it!

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