Why You Should Build a Stainless Steel Handrail


If you have stairs in your home, there’s major potential to upgrade the aesthetic of your home by customising the look and feel of your staircase. Stairs are often the last thing people think about when it comes to designing the interior of a home, as many people consider them to be simply functional without aesthetic appeal. With that said, there are many ways you can make your staircase both appealing and functional, adding more style to your home while also ensuring they can be safely used.

Installing Handrails for Your Stairs

Handrails are great for keeping you stable when you use stairs and they’re even required in some areas and under certain circumstances. The idea of handrails often doesn’t go hand-in-hand with the idea of a beautiful home, but this shouldn’t be the case. There are many ways that you can have both the safety of a handrail and a beautiful addition to the stairs in your home at the same time. By using a 50mm steel tube to connect sections of the handrail to the wall along your stairs, you can bring a minimalist and modern look to your interior staircase.

Benefits of Installing Stainless Steel Handrails

In fact, there are actually many benefits to using stainless steel as a material when installing handrails for the stairs in your home. The best thing about stainless steel is that it is incredibly durable, which is an important trait to have in a handrail. For your safety, it is absolutely necessary that your handrail is sturdy and will last years without breakage, and that’s exactly what stainless steel offers as a handrail material.

Stainless steel is also very easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to buy any fancy supplies to keep it clean; in fact, all you really need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and your steel will look as good as new again. Stainless steel’s easy maintenance also goes along with its durability, as it will not warp, rot, bend, or crack as time passes, unlike many other materials that may be used for handrails. The easy maintenance of stainless steel also makes the material very cost-effective; once you have it installed, you won’t need to worry about it much again for a long time.

Finally, stainless steels just looks great. Generally speaking, the material brings a beautifully clean and modern look to any home, but it might surprise you to hear you don’t have to have it installed as is, from the mill. If you think stainless steel may be too boring or minimal for your style, stainless steel handrails come in plenty of colours and designs that are perfect for any style and any home.

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