What to Do with a Blocked Drain


Of the many problems a homeowner can face, a blocked drain is high on the list of things to avoid, and in the event you experience a drain blockage, here is some sound advice on how to deal with it.

  • Avoid Home Remedies – While there is a slight chance you could unblock the drain by using an over-the-counter drain cleaning product, a majority of the time, it only makes things worse. You are better off calling in a drainage specialist in Southampton who would quickly locate the blockage and take appropriate action.
  • CCTV Solutions – The hardest thing about unblocking a drain is actually locating the blockage, which would be anywhere within the complex system of pipes, and the drain clearing specialist uses CCTV to help him locate the blockage. This avoids having to dig up half of the garden, which is both time-consuming and costly, plus the CCTV would point out any pipe issues and they can easily be repaired.
  • Power Wash – Once the blockage has been cleared, the drain specialist would flush out the system with high-pressure water, thus preventing any future blockages. Many UK homeowners have their drains flushed at regular intervals, which is a great way to eliminate the risk of a blocked sewer, and for what it costs, it gives you peace of mind.

If you discover something amiss with your drainage system, simply call out a local drain clearing specialist and they will resolve the issue in no time at all.

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