Benefits of Using Best Quality Dust Mite Covers Over the Beds


The dust mite is a minute bug that causes allergic reactions in many people when inhaled with air, resulting in sneezes, running or stuffy nose, irritation in the eyes, and even difficulty in breathing. This microscopic creature usually dwells on the mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, and curtains, wherever dust particles accumulate every day. People may also suffer from skin problems when they come in close contact with these tiny dust mites. Hence, the use of best dust mite covers is essential over the mattresses and pillows of beds. This cover acts as a protector against the problems arising due to these dust mites.   

Beneficial features of modern dust mite covers 

Made of pure cotton – Earlier, dust mite covers were made of plastic, nylon, acrylic or other synthetic materials that overheated the body while resting on those surfaces, causing sweating and discomfort. Hence, now the manufacturers create dust mite covers of cotton or silk fibers, as these natural materials are more comfortable for users. However, the cover made of 100% cotton fibers is most preferred, as it offers a smoother and cooler feel when touched. Moreover, natural cotton fibers do not cause irritation to the skin, as synthetic fibers may be uncomfortable for eczema patients. Cotton fibers allow the air to pass through freely, making the cover more comfortable while resting at night.

Desired thickness of covers – If the dust mite cover is quite thin, it may not be able to stop the microorganisms from coming in contact with the body of users. Hence, the cotton fibers should be woven very tightly, with a maximum 6.1 microns space in between the fibers. As dust mites are generally 10 – 40 microns in size, the pores between the intersected fibers should be much lesser than that size, to stop these mites and their excretions from crossing through these covers. Some covers have pores of even 3.5 microns, for making tighter security against the aggression of dust mites. Reputed brands test their covers in the laboratory, to check whether mites can leak out through the fibers of these products. 

Highly durable and strong – The high-quality cotton fibers are not easily damaged and last for a long time in the original condition. The stitching of such cover is done with strong threads, to prevent unstitching. Very fine needles are used for this job so that mites cannot pass through the holes made by these needles while stitching. These covers are made stronger with backings made of vinyl or urethane, which increase the longevity of these materials. Moreover, the cover is provided with a tight zipper for better protection against dust mites. 

Dust mite cover is not the same as a simple mattress cover. Thus, one should buy the best dust mite covers from reliable brands, to ensure more safety from these irritating microorganisms. Usually, no chemical or dye is used for making these covers, which can be uncomfortable to the bare skin of users. However, it is best to use cotton bed sheets instead of the colorful polyester sheets, to ensure a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

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