Different Types Of Chairs Explained For Your Home


When furnishing home, chairs are given a lot of consideration as they not just have to match the interiors but also suit the area where they are being placed. There are so many seating options, from lounging sofas to dining room chairs, accent chairs to work chairs, and everything in between like stools, and ottomans. If you’re looking to buy chairs or sofas for your home then take a look at the different styles that out in the market.

Living Room Chairs

A home essential, chairs bring aesthetic to the room and spruce up your living area. For a common living room that enjoys family time and informal entertaining, invest in recliners that not just look stylish but also provide comfort. Armchairs are very versatile and with customized upholstery, they can enhance the look of your living room. If you want to buy chairs for a formal living room then go for Bergere chairs that feature enclosed upholstered seat while the wooden frame is exposed. Barrel chairs with vibrant fabric and bold patterns is also a good choice as its quite comfortable and chic.

Dining Room Chairs

Select a prefect dining chair for your house, available in modern designs as well as traditional styles. Wooden dining chairs have stood the test of time and remain timeless. Upholster them keeping in mind the colors of your dining room, creating a harmony of shades. Side chairs still remain a popular choice in most dining areas; arched back, armless, and plain wood seat. Armchair gives extra comfort and traditionally go at the head of the table. If you prefer this kind of chairs then make sure you make accurate measurement and the arm of the chair slides easily under the table. Straight back Parsons chairs go quite well with all kinds of interiors and add sophistication to the décor.

Bedroom Chairs

Curl up in style in your bedroom with cozy, overstuffed chairs. If you’re looking to relax with a good book then don’t miss over-sized, upholstered angled chairs. Place them near the window, or pair them with a standing lamp and indoor plant. Add a sleek corner table, decorating it with scented candles for a peaceful ambiance. Channel-tufted back seat with low rolled arms in another comfortable option for bedroom. Chaise lounge is a very good addition to bedroom furniture as it provides space to lift up your feet and curl up with a book, or even take a nap.

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs not just provide extra seating when you’re having guests over but also serve as a focal point in your living room. Occasional chairs add a lot of character to the room with their shapely design and striking upholstery. Wingback chairs can help create a dramatic look in a simple living space. Antique rocking chairs, chaise lounge, tub chair, antique carved chairs, and butterfly chairs are some of the accent seating styles that can elevate your room.

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