Choosing rattan furniture: Natural or synthetic?


There are many individuals who look up to choosing rattan furniture. When you go out in the market, you are presented with a wide range of sets to choose from. Some of them comes from the natural rattan while the others are manufactures with synthetic fibers. So, it becomes a tough ask to select the right one. Here, we will look at different aspects of the furniture such as its aesthetic appeal, durability, comfort, maintenance, and a few other things to evaluate whether the natural rattan is better for you or it would be alright if you pick synthetic one.


The aesthetical appeal of natural elements cannot be matched in any way. We all know that the industry made materials look great but there is something so special in the natural elements that it can’t be matched in any way. However, with rattan furniture, it is often hard to distinguish between the natural and synthetic one. Both give you a wide range of style and shape as well as design and color.

Outdoor use

The outdoor usage of rattan furniture is pretty popular. Especially, when you turn it into wicker furniture i.e. weave it carefully, things reach a different level in terms of usefulness. The wicker rattan furniture is known for its outdoor usage and is seen as a great patio furniture. However, the natural one isn’t preferred for outdoors because they can have a negative effect if left under sunlight or rain for a long time. However, on the other hand, synthetic rattan is known for its resistance to all weathers.


The durability of rattan furniture is another aspect that many individuals like. It has a surprisingly long life span and if you protect it appropriately from outdoor elements, natural rattan in particular, it is going to last for a very long span. On the other hand, synthetic rattan is all weathers treat and that too can last for many years to come.


As for the comfort, there is no difference between natural and synthetic rattan. In fact, most of the times you will be using cushioning which accounts for majority of the comfort. The rest is done by frame and appropriate craftsmanship.

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