Signs You Need to Upgrade to a New 5 Seater Couch


For most of us, our couch is the best place to relax after a long day. Unfortunately, no couch is made to last forever, so here are some signs that you need to upgrade to a new model.

It Looks Like it’s Had a Hard Life

A good quality couch can last for many years, but if yours has started to show fraying fabric or visible stains, it could be time it needs to go into retirement. If your 5 seater couch is leather, you may notice cracking or areas that appear stretched. You may even notice that spills can’t be wiped away without leaving a shadow of a stain. These are symptoms that your couch has had a tough life and while you may appreciate it, your couch is likely to be making your entire room look tired.

Flat Cushions

Most couch cushions start off almost overstuffed. As your couch gets older, the cushions take a beating, and they will start to be less able to plump back up. Whether you’re kids treat your couch like a jungle gym or you take special care of it, when your cushions start to feel flat, it is a sure sign that your couch is getting past its best and can no longer provide you with adequate support and comfort.

The Colour Has Gone Dull

Whether you chose a bold colour or neutral shade, fabrics can fade over time, particularly if exposed to harsh sunlight. If you’ve noticed that your bright red couch is looking more pink these days or if your lovely white 2 seater couch is looking a little grey, it’s going to compromise the overall aesthetics of your room decor.

You’ve Redecorated

Most homeowners enjoy keeping their decor fresh, but if you’re planning a serious design change, your old couch may not be right for the new room decor. Many models of couch can be timeless, and you may be able to include your current couch in your new design. However, if you just can’t seem to match your old couch to your new design plans, it could be time for an upgrade.

You’re Sick of Squabbles

Finally, you may just be sick of the squabbles. If you have a 3 seater couch and the kids are always arguing that he’s in my seat or I was sitting there, you may need to consider a larger model. A 5 seater sofa can be far more family friendly, with plenty of seating for everyone and you can avoid that argument that no one wants on the floor cushions.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new 5 seater couch, you should visit us. We have a massive choice of lounge suites, sofas, and couches including 5, 4, 3, and 2 seater couch models in a multitude of textiles and colours to suit any decor.

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